Plan & Map Printing


Theodist, for a long time, has been the place to go for all your plan and map printing. Originally starting as a Survey and Drafting company, we understand the work needed to produce quality jobs in a timely manner.

Line drawing, Architectural Plan and Full Colour A2, A1 and A0 Size or max of 90cm wide prints. We provide high-definition printouts on our plan and map printer. Our printing services include standard Black and White, Colour line drawings and full colours on standard A2, A1, A0 and Custom size max of 90cm wide. 

We offer discounts on volume plan printing.

The HP PageWide XL holds 4 rolls at a time and automatically switched as rolls become depleted. Prints up to 14 A1 pages a minute, special HP Pigment Ink for deeper blacks and more vivid colours.
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