Pre-Inked Stamps

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At Theodist Printing Solutions, we have the largest range of Pre-Inked Stamps. We use high-quality materials and technology to produce the highest quality customized rubber stamps.
  • Common Seals
  • Dater Stamps
  • Address
  • Logo
  • Custom Printed
Choose from Blue, Red, Purple or Black ink. Your first refill is included in your purchase.
Common Seals

The Common Seal Stamp is a great way to add professionalism and authentication to your business. A Common Seal will feature your organisation's name etc.

When submitting a request for a common seal, please send through documentation to support your organisation or business IPA registration.

Stamps Sizes
DM35 35mm Diameter
DM42 42mm Diameter
DM47 47mm Diameter
Dater Stamps
Dater stamp in Theodist

Our Date Stamps are a great way to increase efficiency and professionalism in your workplace. Save time from writing the same information over and over, add branding or details to your date stamps.

Date Stamp Sizes
DM3657D 36mm x 57mm
DM5176D 51mm x 76mm
DM42D 42mm diameter
Address/Custom Stamps

Our Pre-Inked customised stamps are a great way to increase brand awareness and add efficiency to your work. There are almost no limitations to what we can print on the stamps, Addresses, Signatures, Authorised By and much more.

Stamp Sizes
DM1355 13mm x 55mm
DM1743 17mm x 43mm
DM1767 17mm x 67mm
DM2243 22mm x 43mm
DM2255 22mm x 55mm
DM2267 22mm x 67mm
DM3255 32mm x 55mm
DM2878 28mm x 78mm
DM3267 32mm x 67mm
DM3278 32mm x 78mm
DM4378 43mm x 78mm
DM5391 53mm x 91mm
DM78103 78mm x 103mm
DM90130 90mm x 130mm
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