• Theodist Announces Landmark Rugby Union Sponsorship with MBB Marlins

Theodist Announces Landmark Rugby Union Sponsorship with MBB Marlins

Theodist Announces Landmark Rugby Union Sponsorship with MBB Marlins

The partnership was officially launched at the Theodist Port Moresby showroom where Premier players from the Marlins team joined Theodist management, staff, and media representatives for the exciting announcement.

"This partnership perfectly reflects Theodist's core values of empowering individuals and fostering positive change," said Theodist Limited's Business Development Manager Ryan Pini. "We are excited to support their mission of not only developing skilled rugby union players but also fostering strong values and a sense of belonging amongst the youth in the NCD."

Sharing similar sentiments, Kumar Baliah, CEO of Theodist Ltd added, "As an organization deeply rooted in PNG, we take immense pride in supporting various sporting groups and the communities in which we live and operate," He further elaborated that this collaboration represents a brand-new venture with a multi-year timeframe. Theodist, as the sponsor, stands firmly committed to supporting the team's journey towards becoming a competitive force in the sport of Rugby Union.

Theodist's sponsorship will directly support the Theodist MBB Marlins' initiatives that aim to:

• Inspire future generations by fostering a love for rugby union at the grassroots level, particularly within the NCD's schools and communities.

• Support the Theodist MBB Marlins' vital community engagement activities, such as cleanathons and youth visitation programs, fostering a sense of pride and responsibility within the NCD.

• Reflect Theodist's commitment to inclusivity by supporting the club's efforts to create a welcoming environment for all within the sport, regardless of background or experience.

Theodist MBB Marlins Coach, Rawali Bokuik, expressed his profound gratitude for the sponsorship. "This marks a turning point not only for our growth but also for our unwavering commitment to the club's values," he said.

Bokuik reminisced about the club's humble beginnings with limited resources and unwavering dedication.  "Theodist's support adds to our credibility and gives our players immense pride," he continued. Looking forward, Bokuik emphasized the responsibility that comes with this success. "We will uphold sportsmanship, integrity, and respect both on and off the field," he pledged.

He also highlighted plans to expand their Junior Rugby programs, community cleanathons, and visitation programs under Theodist's banner.

With Theodist's support, the Theodist MBB Marlins will be outfitted with new jerseys and training equipment, empowering them to make a significant impact on the NCD's Rugby Union scene.  Both Theodist and the Theodist MBB Marlins are confident that this partnership will be a catalyst for success, both on and off the field.

"We look forward to a long and impactful journey together, inspiring future generations and leaving a lasting impact on the sport and the communities we serve," concluded Pini.